Vinh Phat truck brand

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About us - Vinh Phat truck brand
According to the Vietnamese market, flexible Genuine parts from ISUZU management unit, Vinh Phat truck is the common name of Ginza Vietnam Co., Ltd., specializing in providing light trucks, refrigerated trucks, crane trucks with diverse sizes and loads, custom designed.
Ginza Vietnam is proud to be the Top 1 agent of VM MOTOR, as a newly established company.
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How come buyers believe in us?
Top rated reputation
Along the way of building a product, taking prestige as being a standard to operate and build, supplying authentic vehicles with the best.
Vinh Phat trucks with genuine Isuzu auto companies: Vinh Phat isuzu trucks, Vinh Phat isuzu trucks… are completely accredited and warranted.
Competitive cost
Acceptable merchandise rates together with the most desirable special offers.
Additionally, there are actually considerate following-sales service, repair and warranty using a team of highly skilled specialists.
Professional employees
Using a team of employees committed to the job, expertly educated, expert, passionate assistance, loving treatment, making one of the most comfortable sensing for many clients.
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